Girls Gone Wild in Key West!
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girls gone wild _ Hot or Not?  2002


"Fair and Balanced You Decide"
In My View, for what its worth,

they seem kind of tame this Year!
(They are Cute butt... are they Really Wild?)
Photos and Report REBECCA

We heard the girls and photographers for girls gone wild were on the balcony at a bar called The Whistle Stop so I wanted to stop by and say Hi and welcome them to the island.  I started my way there and turned a few heads as I Flashed people my breasts or cookie on the way. I got tons of appreciated smiles from all the onlookers both girls and guys! 


Ten minutes later after fighting through the crowd that had gathered to see the girls gone wild crew I was finally there.  I was looking up to see what made the crowd so big and in fact there was a small group of girls wearing the girls gone wild t-shirts and jeans (Why they were not wearing very short skirts and no panties I will never know) along with their photographer filming away.


The photographer was panning from the girls to the crowd and back to the girls.  So far I could not see why they were hanging around but since it was fantasy fest it was hard to walk as it is standing room only on the streets and once you get a good spot you kind of just hang around looking for some Flashin Action.  I kept Looking up and I saw them flash their nice breasts but very rarely did they.  They were indeed cute but I saw nothing like I expected to see from girls gone wild.

If you know me, you know I had to go meet these cuties close up so I started the daunting task of fighting through the crowd and up the stairs I went till I made it to the whistle stop bar and out to the balcony where I caught a glimpse of the girls in a group hug while the photographer was watching and filming.

I guess it was time for me to go rub my bare tits on these so called wild girls so I parted the small crowd on the balcony to go over to them and let them feel my breasts rub against them for the crowd of onlookers below!  And WOW did I put a smile on their faces when I came over and said Hi my way :)

I am not one to leave anyone out when it cums to me and my exhibitionism since I love to be naked so I went over to the photographer for girls gone wild group and I struck a pose with and for Him... I am sooo Naughty!!!

Well, it was time for me to take charge of this pitiful situation and get these girls to flash where it counts instead of hiding up on a second floor balcony of a bar.  You saw the size of the crowd below and that is were they should go...  don't you think?  I think so!!!  I grabbed these cuties by the hand and lead them off the balcony and down the stairs to where the action was!  Out into the crowd we went and I made a dare that if I flashed them that they would flash me back with all these horny guys around and after some convincing they finally said yes :)

Damn, if the girls gone wild Crew didn't show their breasts to me!!!  I liked seeing those nice nipples stiffing against the small breeze blowing on them!  More photos of what happened with myself and the girls gone wild crew can be seen in my members area too... I think I loosened them up a bit at the end :)


I am still not sure if I would consider them wild girls.  They should see me when I am feeling frisky and as a matter of fact so should you don't ya think!  So I will give you a taste of what a real girl that has gone wild looks like :)

I hope You like this nice sample of how wild I get as this is the same balcony that the girls gone wild crew was flashing and filming on...  Look close in the background of this photo and you will see a lot people watching Me getting Wild and Crazy!!!  They even watched as I rode his long shaft with my sweet tight pussy then His Wife and I took turns sucking and stroking his nice throbbing cock till he blew his load of warm cum all over Me...  but that's another report in my members area :)

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