The Famous Duval Crawl!
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"Drunk and Exposed"
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and Totally Exposed!
(Some were so Horny too)
Photos and Report JPP

Well, the general idea for the Duval Crawl is to try to Drink one Drink at as many Bars as You can on Duval Street!  It is a trip when Me and Rebecca (My Wife) go out and attempt this. Rebecca Only weighs like 110 pounds so she can't hold much Liquor before she starts Exposing Herself as getting naked is her favorite thing to do!

Within this report you will learn where they accept some forms of nudity or just out right public SEX!  The evening started out mellow at Irish Kevin's. Kevin has great entertainment combining singing with comedy and some bare breasts a flying at times during the night!

This is one of our favorite places to hang out so if your looking to see a little of everything check it out some time...


There is even a lot of audience participation in this bar.  The Crowd gets very worked up at times just check out the pics of the nice breasts and the exposed cookie and you will know why.  If you See Rebecca say Hi and have Her Show You Her Tits Baby!

Don't be surprised if your ole lady or girlfriend gets into the mood to join the exposing and fondling at Irish Kevins!


I do not think I have to tell anyone about the Garden of Eden!  It is one of the few Clothing Optional Bars in Key West.  Say hi to the Naked Bartenders and chat awhile as they are all Very Beautiful.  The garden has a killer atmosphere, sexual tension is always in the air as the people can dance naked too! 

Be polite and join in with a naked or topless hottie on the dance floor.


This is a definitely a voyeurs paradise they hang out here a lot.  I have seen so much stuff go on here from girls teasing guys till their cock is so hard they could poke a whole in a concrete wall to the occasional Blow Job or quickie (Pssst...  just don't get caught LOL)

Bar hopping is fun and you can see all sorts of shit going down... Weather it is some cutie standing on a bar in Fat Tuesday's sitting on some chicks tongue, or a sexy girl getting felt up on the dance floor at Ricks, or some harmless fun Like a girl on a bar teasing the Bartender at the Hideaway. There is no limit to the fun Drunk girls have when they get Wild!

Key West is a very tiny Island so you never have to go far to see this kind of thing just open your eyes when your half drunk and look around....

Hell, even at the outside bars right on Duval street you never know what fine ass could be sitting next to You. For instance the Tree Bar at the Ricks complex had this Young cutie and Her Friend leaning over a stool completely fucking Naked and Damn did she have a nice set of Tight Pussy Lips!  You be the judge!!!

The next stop on our Duval Crawl was a bar called Schooner Warf.  It is a quaint outdoor bar that has a band play most nights and is of course right on the water.  It has great food, really nice bartenders, an upstairs overlook that has tables that have a great view of the harbor and all that goes with it...  and this night we caught some guy going down on a girl and believe it or not 2 more fucking girls helping him!!!!

...and I know why... right beside Schooner Warf is a Floating Bar called Sebago. Sebago is a huge catamaran that specializes in ALL YOU CAN DRINK 4 hour snorkel cruises!  Take a few girls on here get them all liquored up and they might be yours for the night :)

It was that case this time these girls were soooo drunk that 2 of them went back on the catamaran and put on a girl/girl show for anyone that was watching and they did not give two hoots about it!

I took about 40 pics of them before they got off (what an Orgasm she had) and the cute blonde still wasn't done as she walked off the boat Rebecca and I saw her stop another Big Breasted Blonde and proceeded to undress her as well!  This was an incredible night with all the action we got to see.  You just never know what or where you will see girls getting freaky but one thing is for sure when you see my members area and the photos as well as the full list of bars that will let girls be girls you will be very busy doing the Duval Crawl looking for kinky stuff going down!

There is over 100 bars on Duval street or a few blocks off and you can hit them all if you like.  But Rebecca and I got very Horny from watching all this action during our Duval Crawl so we made a bee line to a Strip Joint and went in to pick up a cutie to take to the Beach and we got very Lucky with a very petite blonde with nice firm breasts!  Rebecca did not waste much time in getting this dancer naked and of all places on a Jet Ski....


Damn I love this horny wife of mine Rebecca makes me Proud!  Butt, sometimes it is very hard concentrating to take all these photos to show you all.  I would like to go on about what happened next with this Cute Blonde but alas That is in another report inside my members area :)

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